OH NO! Winchflat's clone experiment went horribly wrong! Help him put his clone together.
Merlinmary is electric! Push the red button to make him/her fry!
Floods family tree:
Rollover the characters to learn more about them. If you dare!
The twins: (spot the difference)
Find 5 differences in the right-hand image.
Betty: (quiz)
Wow, you know more about the most normal member of the Flood family than you should. Isn’t it time you got a life?!?
Satanella: (ball game)
Keep Satanella’s red rubber ball in the air for as long as you can.
Valla: (downloads)
Deck your desktop out with these and it’ll look better than Mordonna with her sunglasses off.
Kitchen: (memory game)
You’re good! Did Winchflat spray his Memory-Freshener on you?

Merlin the 30th
Nerlin’s Dad, Merlin the 30th, can trace his father’s family line right back to Barry, the Legendary Grand Wizard of the Luxor Galaxy
Count Septic Von Pus
Mordonna’s uncle, Count Septic Von Pus, was buried alive as a birthday present when he was eighteen and liked it so much he stayed buried for the next fifty years until he died. Then he was dug up and cremated. Spending his life buried under two metres of earth meant that no one would marry him so the Con Pus branch of the family died out, whish is probably a good thing.
Great-Aunt Blodwen
Great Aunt Blodwen was Transylvania Waters’ greatest inventor, who will always be remembered for such brilliant creates as the underwater lavatory and self-digesting socks. Nerlin’s Mum
Nerlin’s Mum did not give up her name when she got married. Witches don’t do that. She just put her name down years ago and can’t remember where she left it.
Nawlim (aka Clint Lentil)
Nawlim (now known as Clint Lentil) is Nerlin’s identical twin, who is so secret that neither Nerlin nor his parents even know he exists When he was born his parents simply thought they were seeing double, which gave the midwife the opportunity to kidnap him and raise him as her own. He now lives with his fake mother in a small Belgian village, where he works as a rhubarb polisher.
King Nombre-Sept-A-Quatorze
The Kind’s full title is eighteen pages long and includes words from fifteen different languages. This makes ceremonial occasions in Transylvania Waters long, dreary affairs because it can take hours just to read out his name.
Howler has spent her whole life in the shadow of her fabulous sister. However, last year she became engaged to a septic tank, though there are rumours the tank has got cold feet.
Mordonna is the eldest of two sisters. While her beauty is famous the whole world over, her sister, Howler, can make paint fall off walls simply by looking at it.
Valla was born in a manger in a stable high up in the Himalayas, which explains why he is a afraid of heights.
Satanella was born on the remotest island in the world, Tristan da Cunha, in a sheep hut on Runaway Beach. It was here that the faulty wand and prawn accident occurred.
Merlinmary was born during the most ferocious storm in history, which lighting that light up half the planet and hailstones the size of two hippopotamuses.
Winchflat created himself out of a beam of moonlight and a scrap of bacon that his father dropped into a tank of special wizpole brew. (You might find this concept difficult to understand but that’s just because you’re not clever enough.)
Morbid & Silent
The Mirror Twins, Morbid and Silent, were born in the traditional Transylvanian way using a mirror, a box of matches and a blue touchpaper.
Betty is the only one of the Flood children to have been born in the same way as you and me. Well, the same way as me. I’m not sure about you.

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